Roxanne (Defender of Flowers)

Roxanne has always been Roxanne “The Hunter.” She is always trying to catch those “Wascally Wabbits.” In addition she has a new title, “Defender of Flowers.”

A few nights ago Roxanne wanted to go out around 1:00 am. I thought she needed a potty break since she had not been out much the previous day. But that was not why she wanted to go out to the courtyard. She sniffed all around most of the buildings of the apartment complex. She was following the outline of the buildings as closely as she could. I realized from my time in the military that she was patrolling an area. She was on guard duty. I could not figure out what she was guarding against.

After she went all around the buildings We went to a grass area along 12th Street. When Roxanne spotted a rabbit and tried to chase it, I realized what she had been doing. I always wondered why she always walked through the flower beds around the buildings. I never knew dogs were flower lovers.

Apparently, she checks the flowers to see if the rabbits have been eating them. Pit Bull Terriers were bred to kill small animals that damaged crops and gardens on farms. There are no farm fields or vegetable gardens around where we live. But Roxanne can sure try to guard those flowers against those rabbits.

This may also explain one other strange behavior I have noticed every time I take Roxanne for a walk. There are certain low-growing decorative plants around a lot of houses in the area. Roxanne sniffs them every time she sees these plants. Then she climbs on top of the plants and urinates on top of the plant. Gardeners often sprinkle fox urine around their gardens to scare off rabbits and moles. Dog urine probably works the same way.

All hail RoxanneDefender of Flowers.”

Real Name

Everyone keeps calling me Roxanne and I will keep answering to that name as long as you people keep feeding me and taking me for walks. But my real name is Bark Growl Woof III. Dogs do not have a lot of names to choose.

:Bark Growl Woof III (aka Roxanne Hunter)

Getting Away With Things

To all my dog readers, just wanted to let you all know I am getting away with all kinds of things lately. I keep making the human, John, take me out every half-hour or so. I just go out, walk around for a couple of minutes then demand to go back in there it is warm. Of course I expect a treat when we get back inside.

You can get away with things after you have surgery. Sad eyes make humans do anything for you.

Roxanne Hunter


My name is Roxanne Hunter. I am a five year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. I live with a man named John. The reason my name is Hunter is because that is what I do. I sniff and listen for animals to chase. So far I have not caught anything but that is not my fault. That man John really slows me down. He can only walk up to 6 miles a day. He is useless on snow. He says I have 4 wheel drive and studded tires.

I just had the doctor do something to me. My belly hurts a little now. Another dog there at the clinic said we would not be able to have puppies after what the doctor did to us. That is not a big deal. At age five I am almost middle age. I do not need a litter of puppies slowing me down hunting even more than that slow man John.

We started walking again. I wanted to go as far as we did before I went to that doctor. John says the doctor said I could not go for walks for a week. That doctor does not know what she is talking about. John says, 2-3 miles is enough walking for now.